The Listed Property Show 2012

ecobuild logoThe HTF is pleased to support Reciprocal Member: The Listed Propery Owners Club with their event The Listed Propery Show to be held at Olympia 2, London W14 8UX on 18-19 February 2012.

We hope you will visit the show and also come along to see HTF's presentation on how to obtain Listed Building Consent during the weekend.

As we all know, owning a listed property is not always health, wealth and happiness. Legislation, conservation and regulation can seem like the three horsemen of the listed property owner’s apocalypse. Just finding a decent builder or understanding the VAT rules is enough to give you sleepless nights.

The Listed Property Show is a free event for select Listed Property owners, designed to banish all your domestic nightmares and ensure another 12 months of healthy home-ownership.

It’s a unique opportunity for a stress free one-to-one session with conservation officers, who will work through hypothetical plans for extension or alteration. From window and door manufacturers, to craftsmen and ‘caring’ builders, to the rather more prosaic experts in fire protection or insurance, they will all be there at the two-day show in Central London.

For more information or to receive an invite please call 01795 844939,
or visit The Listed Property Show website